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Aug 14

What Type of Audience Reads Your Books?

Do Readers Of Different Genres Have Specific Craft Preferences?

Writing with the eventual reader in mind may give better results.

those who write in specific genres or combo genres (e.g., supernatural romance, supernatural thriller), and for whom maximizing sales is a priority, maybe give a thought to the most likely type of person to seek out your books in the first place, and what that person’s preferences might be. I’m not trying to suggest you totally engineer your prose to match some kind of external template, just that appealing to a commercial audience is always a balancing act between pleasing the audience and pleasing yourself.

I thought i would share with you this blog post from Indie Author. .April  is making some good points  on making sure you know who your target market is and maybe give a thought to the most likely type of person who seeks out your books in the first place, and what that person’s reading style might be.

Her blog is Indie Author  Check it out and leave a comment letting me know what you think
To your success


Jul 10

Book Marketing Ideas for Authors

Jun 01

Authors-Looking for creative ways to reach new audiences and sell more books?

Attend this exciting Digital Publishing Virtual Summit from 12th to 14th June & 19th to 21st June 2012

20 World-Renowned Experts – Several sessions per day!  Each day, there are new presenters with new ideas and fresh ways of approaching the challenges of marketing a book to build your brand in today’s changed publishing environment.

There will be 20, action-packed workshop sessions in four content areas:

1. Promoting Your Message
2. Book Creation Strategies
3. Creating Multimedia Content
4. Making Money with your Message

My friend, and event founder, D’vorah Lansky puts on a fantastic event. You can sign up for free and watch a brief video.

Check out the amazing speaker line-up: 

* Lynnette Phillips: “It’s an Amazing Time to Be an Author”

* Roger C. Parker: “Creating a Map to Your Personal Branding Success”

* Sandra Beckwith: “No Need to Pack for a Virtual Book Tour”

* Marnie Pehrson: “The Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch for Print and Kindle Books”

* Craig Cannings: “Accomplish More in Less Time by Teaming Up with a Virtual Assistant”

* Jim Edwards: “5 Ways to Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday”

* Joel Friedlander: “3 Keys to Book Design Success”

* Aggie Villanueva: “Why a “Category” Bestseller at Amazon is So Important & How to Get One (or more)”

* Val Waldeck: “Book Creation Strategies: Extending Your Reach”

* Kristen Eckstein: “How to Go from eBook to Printed Book”

* Michelle Schoen: “Easy Digital Publishing with PowerPoint”

* Felicia Slattery: “Produce Talking Head Videos and Drive Traffic Right to Your Book Site”

* Erin Ferree: “How I Went Viral with My eBook And You Can Too!”

* Dr. Jeanette Cates: “Build Your Credibility with An Online Course”

* Jackie Lapin: “Internet Radio—Your Launching Pad for Digital Products”

* David Hancock: “A Blueprint for Success Without Stress, Now and In The Future”

* Ali Luke: “Marketing Your Digital Book or Products with a Powerful Sales Page”

* Ellen Violette: “Kindle vs. Self-Publishing, How Should I Publish My eBook”

* Terry Whalin: “Become a Prolific Writer and Write Less: Repurpose Your Message and Sell More Books”

* Leesa Barnes: “Multiple Streams of Virtual Event Income”

This will be a great event so grab your seat and I’ll see you there!


May 12

WordPress plugin: Editorial Calendar

What a lifesaver….Just read a blog post from Niel at WpDude describing the benefits of installing a plugin called WordPress Editorial Calendar. Usually I have post-it notes all over my desk with exerts of blog post ideas I want to follow up with. It does get a bit untidy and of course some ideas do get lost in the shuffle.

I have installed this plugin and I am amazed at how easy and convenient it is. The WordPress editorial calendar allows you to setup a schedule of posts to publish or write in the future.  It also allows you to create a schedule of posts that are in outline or draft that you intend to write at a later date.


  1. See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
  2. Drag and drop to change your post dates.
  3. Quickedit post titles, contents, and times.
  4. Publish posts or manage drafts.
  5. Easily see the status of your posts.
  6. Manage posts from multiple authors.

The plugin also comes with a video to show you how to use it. You can download it here

Mar 31

An extremely simple day calendar

I get questions asking for the simple calendar I have on my desktop and thought I would share where I got the calendar.
The program is called Xcalday.

It is a great tool to keep track of webinars, appointments and especially efficient in keeping track of virtual tour days. As soon as your computer boots up and shows your desktop…there is the calendar showing you what you have going on for that week,day and month at a glance.


Here’s how the author describes it:

Xcalday is a very simple to use calendar that allows you to write one note for each day.
Just click on any day, and enter a note.
No need to save, it’s saved automatically.
Days with notes appear bold in the calendar.
Xcalday takes minimal space in memory and on disk.
All notes are saved in simple text files.

I  find this little calendar so helpful in keeping my day organized. What do you think  about this little calendar…do you find it helpful? Leave a comment and share.