Nov 01

Why Your Book Needs a WordPress Site

To be effective a site needs to be stable and reliable and it needs to give you the options to meet the unique needs of your audience. Too many writers getting started on the web don’t realize what their options are and end up choosing an “easy” and “cheap” solution that turns out to be …

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Jun 22

Do I need an EAN and ISBN

For authors trying to figure out what EAN is and if they need it. Got quite a few questions lately regarding this question. While most retail products in the US are marked with a UPC symbol, virtually every other country uses the European Article Number (EAN). To provide world wide standardization in the sale and …

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Apr 25

Tips For Building An Author Platform

Time and again I get asked What is an Author Platform Do I need one How do I make one I came across this informative podcast by Jane Friedman’ She discusses building an author platform, including the struggles authors face and what the key components of a platform are, tips for blogging for both fiction …

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Mar 14

coloring book contest

Coloring Books are great fun. These 3 coloring books are being given away. You can enter the contest here:click here    Coloring is totally accessible to everyone. Regardless of any coloring “skill level”, a person can happily apply crayon, colored pencil, marker, or pen to the coloring book pages. By now we know how to …

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Mar 08

Doodling is an incredibly powerful tool

Do you believe- to doodle-  means  making meaningless marks, to do something of little value, substance or import, and — my personal favorite — to do nothing. No wonder people are averse to doodling at work. Doing nothing at work is totally inappropriate. But research says something different about Doodling. Our culture is so intensely focused …

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Feb 27

Write Better: Create A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Your Way Into Writing Do you find it hard to find time to write? When you do have time to write, do you waste time wondering what to do? Inspired by a blog post by the wonderful children’s book author Kate Messner, I have started bullet journaling. To find out how to do …

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Jan 28

Social Media Planner For Authors

Did you know that the work you put in before your book launch determines the success of your book? And like the cat says if you don’t know where you want to go or how you want to publicize your book nothing will get done which also means no success. Of course you could wait …

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Jan 18

Market Your Fictional Character on Social Media

You’ll find fictional characters on social media. And they’re all from books. Check out Ivan the Giraffe. He has his own book series It’s an effective strategy for novelists.   Why you want to do this Why should you create social media profiles for your characters? Here are just a few reasons:   By bringing your character …

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Jan 16

How To Start A WordPress Blog -Checklist

Many of my clients have asked for a WordPress checklist.  It makes creating a blog so much more efficient if you have  a list made of all the things to successfully launch a WordPress blog. The customization section is where the real things start to happen. Things like permalinks, categories, plugins and doing this all …

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Jan 06

7 Marketing Tips For Fiction

There’s no question that it’s harder to promote fiction than it is nonfiction (and let’s not even talk about poetry). Be open to the possibilities Promoting and publicizing fiction requires more thought, creativity, and effort. Give one or two of these seven suggestions a try and evaluate the results. You have nothing to lose, and …

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Oct 07

Can’t Log Into My WordPress Site

Not being able to access your admin area because you can’t remember your password or username is really frustrating. Fortunately, with WordPress, there is always a way to get back into your website or blog. You can recover a lost or forgotten password or username and get access to your website again. Wrong Username/Password If …

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