Nov 01

Why Your Book Needs a WordPress Site

To be effective a site needs to be stable and reliable and it needs to give you the options to meet the unique needs of your audience. Too many writers getting started on the web don’t realize what their options are and end up choosing an “easy” and “cheap” solution that turns out to be …

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May 21

Kindle Formatting Tips Using Microsoft Word

    Did you know that Kindle books are text-based so very little formatting is permitted? If you are using Microsoft Word (which is actually the best way to write Kindle books), use the following formatting styles in the formatting ribbon.     Plain text, left-aligned Plain text, centered Plain text, right-aligned Plain text, underlined …

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Apr 16

3 Reasons Authors Should Blog authors need blogs

As a writer have you thought about this? Being an author in 2013 is like being a small business owner. You need a marketing strategy or you will go out of business. If people can’t find you, they can’t buy your book. In my experience having a digital marketing strategy is absolutely essential. Blogs or …

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Apr 04

How to Use Amazon Categories To Obtain a Bestseller

amazon categories

  Experienced Kindle Publishers understand the importance of category selection. Categories help browsers (people) find your book .When customers browse through the Amazon Kindle Store for books that might interest them, they are presented with genres and subgenres. By selecting browse categories, you decide which genres feature your book. Your positioning on Amazon can make all …

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Feb 22

Fire Morels For Profit

Kindle book How to find and pick fire morels and find buyers that will buy at top price website: facebook:

Feb 22

My Black Cat

Feb 16

How to embed a preview of your Kindle book directly into your webpage

Have you ever thought that it be nice if visitors could sample your ebook without ever leaving your blog? By the time they clicked on your buy-this-at-Amazon link, they’d already be in love with the story and dying to plunk down dollars to read the rest. Sure, you can copy the first couple chapters into …

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Feb 10

infographic: Growth of Web Usage

friends over at created the following infographic that I thought you might be interested in;  I love stats and  time lines. Check it out! Source: Who Is Hosting

Jan 14

Publish Ebook through Amazon or On My Own? publish

How do I publish my ebook? Should I go through Amazon or do it on my own?” The answer is “both.” You want to have your content available in as many formats as you can because you want to provide as many readers as you can with the format they prefer. You can create a …

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Jan 14

One Way to Effectively Market Your Kindle Book

Effective Marketing of your Kindle Books Today the most effective way to market  our Kindle books – is video promotion. People love watching short videos. Imagine being able to record, edit, optimize (automatically for any device), add clickable links in the video to your books, (links to share them with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and …

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Dec 20

Search Engine Optimization-9 Quick Steps

Wanted to share with you this great info graphic created by Platform. They did a great visual on 9 steps for SEO optimization Via: PlattForm Higher Education

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