Oct 28

Twitter now does video

2 new tools to enhance your Twitter tweets.

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1.   Did you know that Twitter now does video?

Tool :   Twitvid

This means you can combine the power of video and social media for big-time visibility. When you create a video, just upload it to YouTube. From here, use the handy “share” button to send the video to Twitter (You will have to connect your YouTube and Twitter accounts first.)

Once you share the video to Twitter, the video will now show up in Twitter’s new “sidebar” for all the world (or at least all of their followers) to see!

I encourage you to take advantage of Twitters new, expanded interface. This new interface also allows you to add images to Twitter.

2.  Did you know that you can now add images to Twitter?

Tool:    twitpic

TwitPic lets you share photos or images on Twitter in real-time.

As the saying goes, “Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words,” or in this case, sometimes a picture is worth 140 characters!

Let’s face it, there are times when a photo is more effective and just plain fun. I tried twitpic in my tweet and it was easy to do and makes a welcome change from straight words.

So, 2 new tools. Have you used them?  I would love to know how they worked for you. Write a comment and let me know.

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