Sep 16

Increase Marketing Strategy with SMS

smstext_messageHave you thought about using SMS text messages to market your products or services?
Statistics point out that 94% of cell phone users will read a marketing text SMS and 23% respond to the SMS text.  Now that is effective marketing.

SMS is an acronym for “Short Message Service”, often called text messaging, and is a means of sending short messages to and from mobile phones.

What advantages can SMS advertising have for your business?

1. Cost Effective
SMS text marketing is cost effective, reaches more people and is simple to set up a  campaign  making it the up and coming tool to market your business. SMS makes it easy to implement a cost effective mobile strategy that can grow as your business achieves success.

2.A moving target audience
Get people where they are at the moment.Most people take their mobile phones everywhere – meaning they can be effective for time-sensitive SMS advertising messages

3. Personal touch
SMS advertising can bring a personal touch.Mobile phones have a very personal nature and  even though bulk SMS is sent to a lot of people, each individual will feel the SMS advertising has come to their phone alone.

Text messaging means information can be sent to groups of people quickly and conveniently, making it an increasing popular e-marketing channel.

4 Get Audience Attention
People generally read every business SMS message they get, unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which can be ignored. A personal sms alert gets their attention.

What  you need to start a SMS campaign.

To successfully use the power of SMS advertising,  you will need SMS gateways. A SMS Gateway is your bridge between the Internet and the world of cell phone SMS text messaging.
Through SMS gateways, you can send single SMS advertising messages, or thousands of bulk SMS messages.
SMS gateways should provide a high quality connection so your SMS gateways give you the fastest and most reliable delivery rates. SMS gateways will also  a delivery report.

2 examples of SMS Gateways

A very easy to use, affordable text messaging company that can send texts in the U.S. and Canada. Lots of smart features including two-way messaging.

A solid text messaging company that features an easy to use interface, two way texting, has some unique services like their Trivia application. Perfect for retail businesses who want to do text messaging.

The effectiveness of mobile marketing has increased due to high end mobile devices which have better features, a moving target audience and a younger target group of customers. Innovative ideas are driving text marketing and making it more effective. By simply replying to a text message, customers are getting discounts on anything and everything from pizzas to movie tickets.
As a promotional tool, SMS advertising is hard to beat,So, if you have a business that you plan to take to the next level of success you need to try out SMS marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a focused customer group . Mobile is the future of marketing.

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