Jan 14

One Way to Effectively Market Your Kindle Book

Effective Marketing of your Kindle Books

Today the most effective way to market  our Kindle books – is video promotion. People love watching short videos.

Imagine being able to record, edit, optimize (automatically for any device), add clickable links in the video to your books, (links to share them with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, among others), publish and market your videos.. all from one piece of software?

That has never been possible before, but it is now. Josh Bartlett releases Easy Video Suite (yes, a whole suite of video tools) on January 15.

But the fun part is they are having a CONTEST!

Lots of great prizes to be awarded check this out

Click HERE to learn more about John Thornhill and Omar Martin’s great prizes for helping to share the news. Join the contest and have some fun.

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