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Jan 12

Mobile Marketing Tools

Four Mobile Marketing Tools your business needs to reach your Mobile Audience

1. Text Messaging / SMS

So many people are doing text messaging – 123 million of us in the US and 3 billion of us worldwide. It is only natural that this type of communication would be used for businesses to attract an audience.

The most common format of text messaging as a marketing tool is to use mobile coupons-offering a discount or special offer via text message. But text messaging can and should be so much more than just coupons.

Alerts, text clubs, product/service information, sending mobile site links, interactive voting, contests, text-to-donate are just a sampling of the many uses of text messaging.

2.Mobile-Friendly Websites

Over 50 million people in the US are going online with their phones and they are expecting to get websites that work on their phone. They want to find what they need quickly and easily and get back to whatever it is they were doing. The mobile web experience is not about “browsing” it is about “finding.”

If you are not sure if your company site is mobile friendly, just go to it on your mobile phone. Preferably access it from more than one type of phone so you can see how differently it works for different people based on the phone they are using.

3.Mobile Advertising

Much the same as there is banner advertising on the desktop version of the Internet, there are also banner ads on mobile sites. Google made news recently by buying AdMob, one of the leading mobile display ad networks, and it is safe to say that mobile display (or banner) advertising will be a much more used tool in marketing now.

Additionally there is pay per click advertising which is aligned with mobile search. A consumer searching for something their phone will see search results ads showing along with the organic listings they find. Naturally, Google is a huge player in this space as well with their Google Mobile Adwords program.

4.Mobile Email

Each day millions of people check their email on their phone. Whether the businesses sending emails to these people intended to be mobile marketing or not, they most certainly are. Once a person is communicating and engaging with you on their mobile device you are doing mobile marketing.

Every email that is sent must be easily readable on a mobile device or become so within one click. People are deluged by email and it is not likely that they will look at your email twice. If the first opportunity to see it comes on their mobile, it darn well better work because you will not get a second chance when they are on their desktop later.

If you need help with any of these mobile marketing tools I am here to help you.  Contact me.

Oct 24

Why Should you use Mobile Web

mobiBusinessWhy you should market your business on the mobile Web
For an increasing number of small businesses, the answer is: because it’s a low-cost way to help people find you and your products.
Here’s why it’s growing so fast:
There are over 40 million mobile Web users in the USA and more than 42 million in Europe. There are nearly four billion mobile phones in the world – about four times more than the number of PCs.
That’s a lot of consumers.

The mobile Web is a powerful marketing opportunity. Many experts predict that it will become bigger than the desktop Web.

If you thought the World Wide Web was big, consider this: there are nearly four billion mobile phones in the world – about four times more than the number of PCs.

Think about how you can make your customers’ or prospects’ lives easier when they’re out and about. The first – and simplest – way is to get your address, phone number and opening times up on the mobile Web, so they can find you 24×7. A mobile phone with a Web browser is still a phone, so make your number a click-to-call “link” that automatically dials your number!sites are great for when people want to kill time. Maybe they’re on a train, in the doctor’s office or waiting to pick up a child from school. These little breaks are perfect for a quick browse of the internet including your site.

So that leads into what is the mobile Web?
Mobile Web is very different from the normal “desktop” Web – even though it’s accessed from your phone’s Web browser.
Some people access desktop Web sites from their mobile phones but this experience tends to be frustrating. Most Web sites were not designed to be used on a device with a small screen, smaller keyboard and no mouse.
For this reason, businesses that want to attract mobile users often design a special Web site just for the mobile experience. We all know about the “desktop” Web – Web sites made for people who are sitting at a PC.
The mobile Web is similar in many ways but different in some important ways as well.

Consider this:
do people on the move (on a phone) want the same things as people at their desks (on a PC)?

Mobile visitors don’t tend to browse, they access the Internet because they want something specific and they want it quick – the weather, the news, the location of a shop, the time a film starts, a restaurant review, when the train goes, to book a hotel room, to find out when a delivery is due – mobile sites make it easy.

The mobi guide to mobilize your website will give you answers to making your business web mobile and profitable.