Oct 14

Authors, 7 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Website

7 Reasons Why You As An Author Need a WordPress Website

As an author you need a Website to develop a fan base and a platform from which to sell your books. I created a short video showing why you need a website.

Onto the 7 reasons why you need a WordPress website.


1.Ease of setting up a WordPress site.

The most important reason for creating a WordPress Website is  how easy and simple setting up a WordPress site is. You do not need to know coding such as html or css languages  because WordPress works with text. It was originally developed for easy Blog creation so you only need to use words to create it.  There are many plugins that help  with the software part of design features that enhance your WordPress site.

2. Themes

It is very easy to create a Professional looking Website with the use of Themes. Most of the Themes are customizable, which means you can add your own brand, colors and features that make your site reflect your personality. Some themes are free and some are premium themes that very in price.

3.Free to install

WordPress  is free to install on a large number of hosting sites. You don’t need to pay for the software. It is actually available on the hosting site. You only have to install it. You do have to make sure your hosting company supports WordPress installation. I use HostGator.com as they have great 24/7 support.

4. Short quick learning curve

Creating a WordPress site is easy to install and creating you site is relatively easy. There is lots of help online to help you personalize your site. . I offer a free course for building your WordPress Site. http://asksusanne.com. Also have created a softcover book WordPress Starter Guide For Authors: How To Use WordPress To Build Your Author Website.

5 Easy to add photos, video, music, and audio.

As an author your main goal is to market your book and having the ability to add images of book covers, audio recordings and video trailers and to be able to do this fast and professionally. This you can do with your WordPress blog.

6. Easy to add a shopping cart or add Paypal, Clickbank or another pay service.

WordPress using plugins allows you to sell your book from your website to generate income.

7.Plugins software programs that add functionality to your site.

There are so many Plugins that can supercharge your Website, such as the following:

  • Social Media auto-posting for your blog;
  • Form creation;
  • Photo Galleries; and
  • SEO for search engines
  • Create a Back-up for your site.

Building a Website is a necessity for any writer. When you publish a book, especially if you self- Publish, you need READERS!

The first steps to attracting readers is to build a Website, and start a Blog. There are many other ways to get in front of your readers, but a Website is a good place to start. Most new authors don’t consider that once the book is finished, they are in business.

If you need help or have a question, I would love to help. Just email me at susanne@asksusanne.com



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