Sep 19

Create Clear, Concise Blog Post With The Hemningway App

hemingwayeditorpiccHemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.

A few clients have asked me about tips on making their writing more clear and easier to read. For do-it-your-selvers, my suggestion is to use The Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is a unique writing app that will help develop your writing and blogging skills.

From what I understand, the Hemingway Editor is fashioned after the writing style of Ernest Hemingway. He was renowned for his economical, understated writing style. A writing style is appreciated in the Blogging World.

The Hemingway Editor measures your writing in a most unique way. It gives you a “Readability” grading, raw meta data, and then my favorite part:

Hemingway will highlight…
Sentences that are hard to read.
Sentences that are very hard to read.
Adverbs you should consider revising.
Words or phrases that could be simpler.
And my favorite, passive voice.

You don’t need to change everything Hemingway Editor flags. But, following Hemingway’s advice in these areas you can develop your writing style by using clear concise words to get your blog content across to your readers.

You can buy the app for your device or use The Hemingway Editor straight on their website for free.
There is also a desktop version that gives you the ability to save your work, write in Markdown and see a HTML preview side-by-side.

Using the desktop app is a far better plan than writing directly into WordPress or even the free online Hemingway Editor. Being able to write posts offline and save drafts locally is a great way to insure that I don’t lose blog posts! It even includes a few other cool options that the free browser based solution does not:

Save and open text (.txt) and Markdown (.md) files.
Format with Markdown, preview it, and export to HTML.
No Internet connection required.

While I don’t always take Hemingway’s suggestions, I think it is helping me become a much better writer and blogger. This is one tool I recommend to help you write with a clear, bold voice.
Try it …..let me know what you think.

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