Oct 24

Web 2.0 What is it?

web2.0Our usage of the Internet is increasing  — from how much time we spend on it at home to how we are  carrying around a version of it in our pocket through our smart phones.

Web 2.0 is the move toward a more social, collaborative, interactive and responsive web.

This has led us to a social web where we aren’t just getting information dumped to us from a computer, but we are reaching out to connect with other people to hear what they have to say on a subject.

We do this in the form of social media sites like blogs (Techcrunch, Mashable), social networks (Twitter, Facebook), social news (Digg, Delicious) and wikis (Wikipedia, Wikia). The common theme of each of these websites is human interaction. On blogs, we post comments. On social networks, we make friends. On social news, we vote for articles. And, on wikis, we share information.

Web 2.0 is an easier Internet.

websites are designed to be as simple as possible and more responsive —  which means that they are easier to use–and makes sharing information easier.

The idea of a social web has transformed the way we think and the way we do business.  As an author 3 Strategic Tips: How To Make Your Writer’s Website Captivate Your target Audience will help you navigate the new internet technologies and sell more books.


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