Apr 11


The new era of publishing: Making it work for you

One of the biggest challenges an author faces is How To Publish your work.

With the development of new platforms such as Kindle and E-pub, it so much easier for an author to publish their own books and reach their readers directly.- bypassing the middle man of Traditional Publishing.
These new platforms demand time learning them and time to implement them.

As an author you want to spend your time writing rather than
promoting and marketing your book.

My name is Susanne, I am a Virtual Assistant and Certified Online Book Marketing Specialist based in the middle of British Columbia, but working globally.  I work with my clients to help them achieve their goals by freeing up their time so they can get on with what they do best… and enjoy the most.

Why work with me?

Like you, I have a great interest in books, and as a Community Librarian I had the opportunity to set up and host visiting authors for their book tours.
Most importantly, I have the time and expertise to promote your book online, so you don’t have to worry about doing it.

How can I help you?
The key to really making your name known is having a successful PLATFORM (more readers = financial success).

Your platform consists of:

Having a great looking Author blog, customized to reflect the look and feel of your book is an essential part of marketing online

These are just two of the services I can offer you.

What about actively promoting your work through a Virtual Book Tour, without even leaving your desk?  I can arrange (virtual) locations, create the itinerary, and put together a campaign to make sure that everyone knows about it!

Regardless of where you are in the publishing process, it is never too early to start working with Sues complete Web Solutions to promote and market your book.  So why not get in touch with me today and together we can bring your book to the world!

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