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How to put Kindle Preview of your book directly into your webpage

How to embed a preview of your Kindle Book directly into your webpage

Have you ever thought that it would be nice if visitors could sample your Kindle Book without ever leaving your blog? By using the  Kindle Cloud Reader your readers are already in love with the story and are eager to  click on your buy-this-at-Amazon link,and plunk down dollars to read the rest.
Sure, you can copy the first couple chapters into a blog post, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a special “Kindle Preview” right on your site?


Well, the people over at Amazon.com have developed a free tool- the Kindle Cloud Reader, to help Kindle author’s connect with readers by sharing free samples of their work.

Sometimes the best tool you have to market your eBook is the content of your book itself. Readers can already download a free preview of any Kindle book through Amazon but you can do one better. You can actually embed the Kindle Cloud Reader into your website and Presto! your potential customers can start to read your eBook before they even leave your website. Once you have them hooked, it’s only one click from within the widget to purchase the book through Amazon.
Embedding a previewer into your website is very easy. This is the cloud reader displaying Lynn Langtry’s kindle book The Treasure of My Heart An Adventure in Costa Rica



To make one of your own, simply click the Embed button in the top right hand corner of my widget.

In the window that pops up, select Customize. Once there, you can change the size to whatever works best for your site. Optionally add your Amazon Associate Tag so that you’ll get a referral credit for any sales that result (which is a handy way to track how well this widget is working at generating sales). But most important step of all is to change the ASIN to the Amazon Standard Identification Number for the book you want to embed. If you don’t know this off the top of your head, you can find it on the Amazon product page for your book. This will change the widget from one displaying my book to one displaying yours.

Once you’ve made those changes, copy the newly revised code from the text box and add it to your own website.Just insert the code  in your page or post where you want the Cloud Reader to be. Presto! Now your visitors can start reading your book without ever leaving your website making it that much more likely they’ll purchase it.

Once you’ve added the code to your website, leave a link below so we can see it in action! I’m hoping we’ll amass plenty of examples of how to make the most of this handy widget.

I can help you do this send me an email at susanne@asksusanne.com

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