Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 30

Are you Likeable?

cowboyWhen people like you, they naturally want to interact with you, connect with you, and support you.
The more people see you, the more they will tend to like you.
They become familiar and comfortable with you. It is important to build visibility with your target market.

To be likeable in social media, it’s important to be open about the thoughts and beliefs which best support your brand. You can accomplish this by: sharing knowledge
and information which helps your audience know you

When they feel like they know you, they will decide more easily to like you. It is easier to like a person who is modest about their success, who has character, and who follows through on their promises.

Ask youself: How likeable am I now? What could I do to become even more well liked with my target audience?

Nov 02

Window 7.. Problems?

windows7You no doubt have heard that Microsoft has launched a new operating system Windows 7.  I am very leery of upgrading to Windows 7.  I have Windows XP and find this OS just fine. I refused to upgrade or get Vista as I didn’t like the changes and found Vista to be slow loading and the interface frustrating.

XP has its faults, but it works like an operating system should – It allows the user to interact with their hardware. Vista assumes you are a cretin and constantly nags you with endless annoying prompts. I don’t want several dialogues asking permission to do what i just told it to.

I’m not resistant to change, but change should be positive and advance the technology – I don’t see much of that with Vista or Windows 7. Over the past few days I have been told by friends and clients  of undue frustration with Windows 7 and not being able to upgrade Vista to Windows 7. Their computers crash and they can not load Windows 7 and in some cases Vista OS has been wiped off the harddrive rendering their computer useless.

If you have problems with Windows 7 or if you have upgraded successfully, I sure would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment.