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Nov 02

Window 7.. Problems?

windows7You no doubt have heard that Microsoft has launched a new operating system Windows 7.  I am very leery of upgrading to Windows 7.  I have Windows XP and find this OS just fine. I refused to upgrade or get Vista as I didn’t like the changes and found Vista to be slow loading and the interface frustrating.

XP has its faults, but it works like an operating system should – It allows the user to interact with their hardware. Vista assumes you are a cretin and constantly nags you with endless annoying prompts. I don’t want several dialogues asking permission to do what i just told it to.

I’m not resistant to change, but change should be positive and advance the technology – I don’t see much of that with Vista or Windows 7. Over the past few days I have been told by friends and clients  of undue frustration with Windows 7 and not being able to upgrade Vista to Windows 7. Their computers crash and they can not load Windows 7 and in some cases Vista OS has been wiped off the harddrive rendering their computer useless.

If you have problems with Windows 7 or if you have upgraded successfully, I sure would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment.