Book Marketing Services

There are a variety of ways I can help promote your book:

Website Design.  Using the powerful WordPress platform I help my clients create an online presence that is unique and in keeping with their needs.

Virtual Book Tour
A virtual blog tour is a powerful way to promote yourself across the internet. I help my clients plan the book tour and ensure that they maximize each and every tour stop.
Researching and locating potential blogs
Making contact with and lining up hosts
Submitting your posts to the appropriate blogs
Promoting the tour from your own site

Social Media – Maintain your Online Presence
Managing comments to your blog and filtering out spam posts
Submitting regular posts to your blog
Helping you re-purpose material for your site and other social media platforms
Managing your social media accounts. I help you leverage these tools to connect with an audience.

Producing a Branded Blog
This includes helping in the creation of blog posts, posting content or moderating responses. I’ll help keep your blog updated!
Searching for appropriate domain names
Help with arranging hosting your blog
Setting up the branded blog pages using WordPress
Installing plug-ins, social media buttons
Producing a contact form
and opt-in form to capture email addresses
Selling your book from your site by putting in appropriate links to, for example, Amazon

Digital Publishing.  Publishing on the Amazon Kindle platform. Amazon’s Kindle platform is a powerful extension of an author’s marketing plan. If you haven’t given thought to make your material available on Kindle, you’re missing out on the huge and ever growing audience of book readers who consume content digitally. If this is new territory for you, don’t worry. I can help you get your book online.
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