Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 31

QR Codes-those mysterious little squares

Ever wondered what those funny looking square things are?

Why Should you use QR Codes to market your Business?


      1. QR Codes are free.

      You can generate a code here. Your call to action will be embedded in the code. Remember to let customer know the benefit of scanning the code. If you a re sending them to a website make sure the site is Mobile friendly (remember they are scanning with a mobile device)

      2. QR Codes catch your Attention

      They nearly jump off the page at you. QR Codes give instant results. They are literally in the palm of your hand

      3. QR Codes drive traffic to your call to action.
      They give your website quick and instant much easier to scan a code with mobile device than type url into mobile browser.

      4. QR Codes have Wow Power
      You can establish your business credibility by being practical and on the cutting edge. QR Codes need to be part of your marketing plan.

      5. QR Codes make Affiliate marketing easy
      You can promote a product discount coupon code with QR Codes. Affiliate marketing can be brought offline- promote affiliate product discount codes in the newspaper,on signs,and even on T-shirts, business cards, mugs–only limited by your imagination.

QR Codes are the up and coming trend that closely coincides with the mobile technology evolution.

QR Codes are new, exciting and make for interesting conversation.They are the new sensation. QR Codes – Quick Response.

Your Mobile phone plus a free decoding software transform the data in the QR Code to a “call to action” which could include a website url, email address, coupon or url to an event you are hosting.

Jan 13

Need your Business to be more visible?

Reach millions of people online, quickly and for free

I just learned about  Google Places. What a great easy and free way to add instant visibility to your business.

4 Reasons why Google Places is ideal for Local Businesses.

1. Highly targeted listing

2. Creates a highly optimized web listing including map and relevant business information

3. Ability to offer coupons to enhance Mobile searches

4.Opportunity to showcase positive reviews of  your business creating great testimonials.

This is a great feature by Google to promote your business for free,helping you to create a very visible and profitable business.

I can help create your profile and get google places up and running.. just give me a call.