Mini Tech Support

             Stop Struggling Trying to “Fix” That Tech Issue!




Let me take care of it for you and get it fixed fast.





Welcome to my Mini Tech Support Service

My Mini Tech Support is just that, Short term support when you need it.

I call them one-off problems.

These services are small, specialized tasks – or mini projects- that you can hire me to take care of for you!




a. something that is carried out or made only once
b. (as modifier): a one-off job.

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You have created your Author/Book WordPress website – Do you have your site protected from nasty stuff (hackers, spam, broken links) and is it backed up regularly?

Put your Website Maintenance on automatic and let me handle it for you. Your website is one of the key ways for you to communicate and connect with potential audience, how do you communicate if it goes away?

Have you checked your Admin panel lately? How may little bubbles do you have showing in your admin panel for your plugins, theme updates etc? Truth, you shouldn’t have any! This maintenance and administrative stuff is NOT why you created your website, right?

So let me manage the administrative part for you so you can get back to writing and know that everything is taken care of. Sure you might not think you need to take care of this, but not updating plugins, themes and WordPress leaves your site open to more spam, and the potential for someone to hack your site or nasty viruses that take down your site. No one wants that!

EBook Service

I’ll help you get your eBook ready to submit to Amazon.
Do you find all those MS Word formatting features overwhelming and you don’t have enough time to be fussy to properly prepare your eBook, don’t give up – sign up for my Mini Support Service and you’ll be on the “eBook shelf” in no time!
Need to create an Author Central Account but don’t have time- I can help

Why Mini Tech Support?

Not everyone needs a whole lot of help all of the time, sometimes you just need that extra boost to get you through. That’s where my Mini Tech Support Service comes in!

If you’ve just launched your Author/Book website, or finished a special training and you know you need to have a few new things on your site but you HAVEN’T a clue how to get it done, that’s where Mini Tech Support Service can come in handy.

Hire me to handle your small jobs “one off jobs” and get them done in a timely manner so you don’t have to stress or Google search for hours trying to figure it all out yourself.
Solution sign up for one of my packages.

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