Book Formatting

What is print book formatting?

Print book formatting is the preparation of a PDF file, to ensure that it meets the publisher’s requirements and is an enjoyable reading experience.

Why do you need your print book formatted?

Createspace, IngramSpark and KDP Print each have specific requirements that need to be met before your book can be accepted for printing.

Preparing/formatting your paperback

Have you an edited, finished manuscript that you now want to turn into a paperback, but don’t know how?

Preparing and formatting of your manuscript, ready for printing using CreateSpace or a printer of your choice

Opening an account for you on CreateSpace

Uploading of your manuscript and preparation of the paperback for you to proof

Create account on Author Central

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eBook Conversions

With the Kindle, Nook and iPad readers becoming more and more popular it is important to have a digital version of your book.

I can help convert your original Word document into a number of formats so it can be distributed to a wide range of retailers including Barnes & Noble, Kobo ,  Amazon.

You could also sell direct from your website by providing ePub versions that viewers can download to their eBook readers.

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