Use Your Book As A Business Card

Did you know that writing a book  and use it as a business card is a powerful marketing tool for you as a business owner?

By the way you are are not publishing your book in hopes of becoming a best-selling author

But to ……..produce a quality marketing tool to generate additional income.

That income can comes from speaking, coaching, consulting, and new customers. It’s not about selling LOADS of books.

Your Book Is Your New Business Card

    • Your book is a tool that encourages customers to buy your products, services, or offer you speaking engagements.

    • Your book helps you establish your expertise and sets you apart from others in your industry.

    • Your book becomes a powerful marketing tool. You can give copies of your book to prospects when you meet with them, and you can include copies when you send out proposals for speaking at industry events.

    • Your book will help you build your mailing list.

    • Your book will add legitimacy to training courses and workshops. It will encourage people to register for the classes you are hosting and teaching.

Using your story in your book is a powerful tool for helping others get to know you as a business owner, but also get to know you as a person!

If you need help formatting or publishing your book contact me Love to help you.

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