Using Both KDP and IngramSpark for Distribution

KDP and IngramSpark are two Print-On-Demand printers often used by self-publishing authors. They both print, and distribute, your book to online retailers, such as Amazon and Authors often struggle with the choice on which one to use for their book. The answer for you might be both.

My suggestion is to use IngramSpark to distribute your book to everywhere except Amazon and use CreateSpace to distribute to Amazon only.

To do this is you would set up an account at both and upload your book to both. I typically let the listing go live on Amazon through CreateSpace first, then release the title for distribution through IngramSpark. Amazon will see that they already have the title through CreateSpace and will not pick it up through Ingram. If your title is already on Amazon through IngramSpark, you can also submit through CreateSpace and the CreateSpace version will replace the one from IngramSpark.

Here is a step by step:

  1. Create an account at IngramSpark.
  2. Create an account at CreateSpace.
  3. Upload your files to both IngramSpark and CreateSpace. (you will need to set up your cover to each of their specifications, as they are different)
  4. Use the SAME ISBN at both. (this is important!)
  5. Select CreateSpace’s Standard Distribution option. Do NOT select the Expanded Distribution option. (this is important!)
  6. Get a proof copy through CreateSpace. I recommend a printed proof copy, but it is not required.
  7. Once you receive and approve your proof, approve the proof on CreateSpace.
  8. Wait for your book to go live on Amazon. This typically takes 1-3 days.
  9. Approve your book for distribution at IngramSpark. You can also order a printed proof through IngramSpark, but it is not critical.

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