How To Write An Enticing Book Description


You’ve done it! You’ve published your book and you’ve listed it on the largest book-selling website on earth: Amazon. But no book sales. So What’s Going On?

You know that Amazon offers a fantastic sales opportunity with sales of over 20 billion dollars. But you are also up against tons of competition.

How do you take advantage of the sales opportunity and over come the huge competition.

(There are a lot of tools in the publishing tool belt, and each has its own unique purpose and strength. Few, though, have more sway over a would-be reader than the book description.)

You may call it a ‘blurb’ or ‘back cover copy’ or ‘all that text I have to paste into my book page.’ Whatever your name for it, you can’t afford to ignore it. After your cover, the product description of your book is the first experience the reader has with you as an author. So getting it right is the proverbial ‘big deal.’
By creating a compelling book description. Combine this with a headline that captivates readers’ attention and you’ve got the foundation for converting more shoppers into buyers as you drive traffic to your book’s sales page on Amazon.

4 Step Template For Developing an Engaging Book Description

The idea is to use the book description to intensify the customer’s interest in what your book is about. While there are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways to write descriptions, this is an easy template to follow for most books.

1. Create A Headline

Your Author Central ( ) account gives you the ability to format your physical and/or Kindle book listing with bold, italics and bullet points/numbered lists.

Start with a bolded headline that conveys some results and/or piques curiosity.
2. Use Power Words And Phrases
Use your keywords andd phrases in your description and remember to use your theme words such as historical fiction, mystery, crime etc.
Choose your words carefully when creating your book description. This is one of the most influential elements of your Amazon book listing. Ordinary and informative simply won’t do. Your goal should be to enlighten, engage and compel shoppers.

Paint a picture for your customers. Use a thesaurus so that you have a never ending list of words that generate great visual imagery in the minds of your customers.
For example
Instead of : Use:
good scrumptious
appealing alluring
big colossal
comfortable snuggly
easy effortless
reliable high-performance

3. Lend Credibility with Social Proof
Do you have any reader quotes or quotes from official reviewers? (These do not necessarily have to be about this book in particular, but may just be about the author. These are great at the end of a description, to help ‘close’)

4. Insert A Call-To-Action

Your book description needs to include a call to action (CTA). This is a brief statement that literally tells the reader what to do next.

Most of the time the phrase “call-to-action” leaves people with images of “Buy Today” or “Don’t Miss Out.” A good call-to-action (CTA) gives readers something to look forward to. It’s that added little nudge at the end of your description that inspires shoppers to take the leap and buy.

such as:

Scroll up to buy this book and start reading today!

the goal of your book descriptions is of course to entice readers to buy your book. remember that the beauty of living in the digital age is that you can make changes as you need to. Try a book description for a while, and if it doesn’t work try another one. You never lose points for improving on past work.

formatted template to use

Put your book excerpt here.

Your description. (Add as many paragraphs as needed.)

This template gives you a place at the top to put an excerpt from your book. You want to find a good compelling paragraph that will draw the reader in. ( shows what the template looks like._

Tip #3. Make an emotional connection
Making an emotional connection with the reader is essential if you expect the reader to like you and want to read more of what you have to say.

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