How to set up interior book files for publishing

You want to publish your book but not sure on how to set-up your interior files for print?

Here are three main steps to get you started.

  1. Decide what trim size your book will be and what type of binding you will have.
    The trim size is what size book you would like to create…the most popular is a 6×9. Usually when you set the trim size the margins will be set…this is if you are using Word doc..Createspace and lULU two printers that I use and they have trim size templates that make setting up the interior of your book easy.
    The binding can be coil, saddle stitch or perfect bound depending on how you want your book to look. Saddle stitch is generally used for programs and for leaflets of 64 pages or less. I use perfect bound for my books and coil bindings for my Journals and Coloring Books.
  2.  How to format your cover file for printing.
    Your cover will be created as a separate PDF and contain back and front and spine of cover. I use CreateSpace cover templates to make my covers.That way I make sure my dimensions are correct and they formulate the spine width for you based on your page count.
  3. Prepare your interior content for a  PDF file.
    With your interior content make sure you are using single page format and not in printer or reader spreads. Remember that the number of pages of your content should end in an even number. For formatting chapter books basically each new chapter will start on new page which should be an odd number which is the right side page and the odd number pages are the left side when looking at an open book. A “page” equals one side of the paper. Save the interior content as a PDF.

Some things to remember when converting file to PDF

All color images must be converted to CMYK format and inserted into text not copied.

All fonts must be embedded

All images must be 300dpi

All black and white images converted to greyscale.

Easy peasy, but if you have questions or need help just drop me an email

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