Can’t Log Into My WordPress Site

Not being able to access your admin area because you can’t remember your password or username is really frustrating.

Fortunately, with WordPress, there is always a way to get back into your website or blog. You can recover a lost or forgotten password or username and get access to your website again.

Wrong Username/Password

If you use a wrong username or password WordPress will let you know: Error: Invalid Username

If you are using a wrong password WordPress will let you know: Error: The password you entered for this username ——(will tell you the username you used) is incorrect.

If you know your username or email address, then click on the “Lost your password?” link in the error message …

You can also access the lost password feature by clicking on the link below the login box …












A new window will appear type in your username or email and click “Get New Password”

You will receive a system notification via email with a password reset link. Click on the link to reset your password.

Enter a new password into the “Password reset” field. Make sure to choose a strong password containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, like “$, ^, %, #, @” etc …

After your password has been reset, log in using your new password

What To Do If You Can’t Remember Your Username And Password

How can you log in if you can’t remember both your username and password?

You can still access your WordPress site, but this is where things start to get a little technical.

The easiest way is to contact your hosting company and ask them to reset your wordPress password and username  from phpMyAdmin

To reset your username and password  you will  need an encryption tool that lets you generate an MD5 hash function. Your hosting company can do this for you.

For security purposes, never set up WordPress sites with the username admin.

This is the default installation username for WordPress and one of the leading causes of brute force attacks on WordPress sites.