Dec 16

new wordpress Elvin is here came out with a new update to their software: WordPress 3.5.  Each time a major release comes out, they dedicate it to a Jazz musician.  This one is dedicated to the drummer Elvin Jones.  Here is a short video from  with highlights of the new version:

Some of the new features in WordPress 3.5 are:

  • New Media Manager
  • New Theme – Twenty Twelve
  • Admin Enhancements
  • Retina Ready
  • Accessibility for devices
  • Color picker

Here are the steps I go through to Update WordPress:

Before I do ANYTHING, I wait a few days for the dust to settle and see if a newer version has come out.  i.e. 3.5.1

1) First, I backup my WordPress Website with a Backup Plugin

2) Second, I update my plugins before I update to the latest WordPress

3) Third,  I update the WordPress Software from inside the admin dashboard.

4) Fourth,  I check to see if any plugins can be updated if they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If so I update those.
Generally this can take a few days while the plugin programmers update their plugins.

5) Fifth,  I click around my site in the admin to check out the new features, and then I click around on the outside of my site to make sure everything looks ok.

It’s also very  important to have a hosting company that understands how to handle WordPress.
I have found that HostGator (my affiliate link) to be the best at this!  They know a lot about WordPress, and can explain things to you in simple English on the phone. All my sites are hosted by Hostgator and the help is exceptional especially at 3:00 am when things go wrong.

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