Apr 04

WordPress–A Plugin to Secure Your Site

Security for your WordPress site is essential for  smooth operation of your business. You have to think about securing your site  from hackers or spammers. Hackers can do lots of things after breaking in, they can attack your site’s viewers with Trojan viruses to steal information from their computers and if it’s going to happen Google will block your site with a message like this “This site may harm your computer”. One of my sites was hacked and it caused me a lot of work to get it back to the way it was. Fortunately I found a plugin that could secure my sites with minimum effort. The plug in is  WebsiteDefender WordPress Security. There are two versions but I found the free version was all I needed.

Easy to use, and now easy to secure

Although the WordPress platform is well known for ease-of-use and speedy configuration, securing your website can still consume lots of precious time when one considers all the possible issues that put your site and data at risk. WebsiteDefender WordPress Security takes care of doing all the rounds by checking your WordPress installation, site files, and database, for a complete assessment and report on how to correct any security issues with the way your site is configured.WebsiteDefender can look at your website configuration and flag any known or potential flaws related to user accounts. This information is invaluable for maintaining a secure website.

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