Jul 18

Windows Tip: Add a web address bar to the Windows toolbar

Get quick access to the internet even if you don’t have a browser window open.

Just right-click an empty space on the toolbar (it’s the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Windows desktop that contains the Start menu right click select “Toolbars,” then choose “Address” from the menu.

Once you do, an address bar—just like the one on your favorite browser—will appear in the toolbar.

Type a web address (or “URL”) into the bar, press the “Enter” key, and —your default web browser will spring to life, jumping straight to the website you specified.

Not sure you want an address bar taking up space on the toolbar? Right-click an empty spot on the toolbar again, select “Toolbars,” uncheck “Address,”

I find this very quick and full when working in a doc and need to look up some facts…just drop my mouse down to toolbar and type in address rather than having to find my firefox icon click on it to bring up the address bar and then type in the address. Very efficient.

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