May 25

Why WordPress

suescompletewebsolutionsblogWordPress is an easy to use, free platform to build your business. WordPress manages your site’s content, that is why it is called a content management system. 

 Here are some everyday reasons to use WordPress to increase your business visibility.

1. Flexibility – WordPress themes are flexible and can be customized to your personality, niche and products. Even better, you can change wordpress themes very quickly and easily. With a simple click of a button WordPress moves your content to the new theme for you.

2. Plugins For All Occassions – You can find plugins for just about anything you want to do with a website or blog. Popular plugins include contact forms, site statistics, search engine optimization, and photo resources. WordPress  also has a plugin to make your site vivible on smartphones.

3. Pagination – Back in the early days of blogging, blogs appeared as online diaries with one post following the next and comments intermixed between. With WordPress you can actually create pages to separate your material or to provide additional information. You can create additional pages such as ‘Contact Me’, or ‘About Me’ pages. This functionality also makes WordPress the perfect platform for businesses, not just bloggers!

4. Performance – Believe it or not, not every blogger is an expert at web design. Creating your own website or presence can be a daunting task for anyone. WordPress provides easy to use functionality with a built in dashboard to help manage your sight. Also, because of its popularity WordPress has many resources available to their users including online forums, help references, and support teams.

Want to save yourself the work and get your blogsite installed, created and customized so you can just get going?

Contact me…..I can help.

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