Sep 29

WordPress Questions

How to add audio to your website: Adding audio to a page or post is as simple as adding an image. Place cursor where you want the audio to be , click add media. Select the music file you want to upload from your computer. Add a title and description (this helps with SEO rankings) …

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Aug 11

3 Awesome Ways to Sell More Books

Your goal is to sell more books, so I want to share 3 awesome ways to sell your books by getting people on your email list. Remember an email list is important to building a relationship with your readers so that they want to buy your books and interact with you. If you make these 3 …

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Jan 03

Why Do Authors Need a Website?

Do Authors need a website? Yes, because websites are THE best way for authors to showcase their book. WHY? A web presence allows writers to establish a brand, collect email addresses, sell books, blog and much more. What better way to present your book than your very own website. Even in this age of social …

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Oct 14

Authors, 7 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Website

7 Reasons Why You As An Author Need a WordPress Website As an author you need a Website to develop a fan base and a platform from which to sell your books. I created a short video showing why you need a website. Onto the 7 reasons why you need a WordPress website.   1.Ease …

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Sep 19

Create Clear, Concise Blog Post With The Hemningway App

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. A few clients have asked me about tips on making their writing more clear and easier to read. For do-it-your-selvers, my suggestion is to use The Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is a unique writing app that will help develop your writing and blogging skills. From what …

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Sep 17

Pinterest Analytics Tool: How to Use it for Business

Pinterest has improved their analytical tools. With the new Pinterest Analytics features, you can get new data about your audience which will help you can learn what your customers really want.  The new Pinterest Analytics tool gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website. Social …

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Aug 24

Blogging tips for Authors: What to Blog About

Blogging tips for Authors: What to Blog About   If you find it difficult to post fresh content on your blog every single week. Don’t get too frustrated. Not every blog post needs to be a brilliant essay. It’s possible to be an effective blogger and spend less than 15 minutes writing each post! How? …

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Aug 18

How to Run a Blog Tour

benefits of blog tour

Do you want more visibility for your books? Run a blog tour.  Running a blog tour can build excitement for your book, and expose your book to new audiences and make more book sales.       Benefits of a Blog Tour Get known to more readers. Get reviews. Show off your expertise. Sell books. Important …

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May 21

Kindle Formatting Tips Using Microsoft Word

  Kindle Formatting tips using Microsoft Word. Did you know that Kindle books are text-based so very little formatting is permitted?       If you are using Microsoft Word (which is actually the best way to write Kindle books), use the following formatting styles in the formatting ribbon. Plain text, left-aligned Plain text, centered …

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Apr 16

3 Reasons Authors Should Blog authors need blogs

As a writer have you thought about this? Being an author in 2013 is like being a small business owner. You need a marketing strategy or you will go out of business. If people can’t find you, they can’t buy your book. In my experience having a digital marketing strategy is absolutely essential. Blogs or …

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