Jan 14

Do you ever need to PDF?

The Print Friendly & PDF button automatically creates printer friendly and PDF versions of your pages. There are other plugins that allow your visitor to print your content but they don’t allow you to brand that page with your domain name at the top and bottom of the printed document.With Print Friendly your document gets printed out as a super organized and branded PDF. How simple is that.

click on the image buttons and try it out.
Print Friendly and PDFWhen you click on the Print Friendly button a new window will open giving you 3 options:
1. Print(this blog post) as a PDF
2. Save to your computer as a PDF
3. Email the content to someone as a PDF
And that’s it. A simple way to make your content user-friendly and share-able.

To have the Printer Friendly plugin or any other plugins installed on your site, contact me today. I am waiting to help you.


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