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Hosting Plan

Questions: Why do I need in a Hosting Plan

Any product or service that requires storage or access on the internet will use the services of a web hosting company .

If you are planning to have your business online the first thing you will face is: Who  will host your websites?

I find it more practical and time saving to find a Hosting company that will also register my Domain Name.  If you pick a Hosting Company that does not register domain names then you have the added steps of  registering the domain name yourself and then  pointing your domain name to your hosting server.

The four services I look for in a Hosting Company are:

1.  Hosting Company should  provide free Domain registration and automatic yearly renewal of your domain name.

2.  Allow you to host unlimited domains.  If you are serious about your business on the Internet then you must be aware of the fact that you will sooner or later  need to launch more websites to expand your business to high levels. Therefore it is important to take this point into consideration where you will remove the burden of purchasing additional webhosting accounts to host the new websites in the future.

3.  24/7 Customer Support. This is very important as things go wrong at odd times of the day and night and you want to be able to connect with a support person quickly. Having a live support chat feature or support number to call is paramount in keeping your business up and running.

4.  E-commerce capabilites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MY SQL databases are other features that are essential for your business website. Each blog platform needs its own MY SQL database so if your web hosting company allows only one MY SQL database you are limited to having one blog or content management system on this account.

The hosting Company I found with all these features is a Canadian Hosting Company which also happens to use green technology.

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