Mar 08

Doodling is an incredibly powerful tool


Do you believe- to doodle-  means  making meaningless marks, to do something of little value, substance or import, and — my personal favorite — to do nothing. No wonder people are averse to doodling at work. Doing nothing at work is totally inappropriate.

But research says something different about Doodling.

Our culture is so intensely focused on verbal information that we’re almost blinded to the value of doodling. Here’s the truth: doodling is an incredibly powerful tool, and it is a tool that we need to remember and to re-learn.

Doodling is really to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think. That is why millions of people doodle. Here’s another interesting truth about the doodle: People who doodle when they’re exposed to verbal information retain more of that information than their non-doodling counterparts. We think doodling is something you do when you lose focus, but in reality, it is a preemptive measure to stop you from losing focus. Additionally, it has a profound effect on creative problem-solving and deep information processing.

Pretty neat, right?

So here is my point: Under no circumstances should doodling be eradicated from a classroom or a boardroom or while watching TV.. On the contrary, doodling should be leveraged in precisely those situations where information density is very high and the need for processing that information is very high. And I will go you one further. Doodling is  universally accessible and it is not intimidating as an art form, it can help us see the bigger picture and open our minds to solving a problem

This is a fact: doodling has a profound impact on the way that we can process information and the way that we can solve problems.

So, I say let us doodle more.  Especially when we are trying to think of a story line or how to move  a character into the next scene. It helps us think and solve problems.What do you think

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