Aug 03

Attract Ideal Clients With Social Media

social media to attract clients Use Social Media To Attract Ideal Clients

Have you noticed how  Social media is popping up all over your life? It seems everyone is engaging in  Social Media – the nightly news shows, friends, non-profit businesses, and successful businesses, – Social Media cannot be ignored.

A question I get asked a lot is: What are the most popular networks for small business owners to use?
I have found Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best 3 for creating business visibility and connecting with target your audience. Chances are  you have a profile in each of these and strive to be pretty active. But is your activity leading to productivity? Is your profile showcasing you in the best possible light–do people want to connect with you?

Being active in the social networks is much like networking in person – if you are doing it correctly. You should be making personal connections with people, having real conversations with them and above all, adding value to their lives and businesses. Those in your network will appreciate your efforts to be truly and genuinely helpful. Online or offline, this spirit is absolutely client attractive.

At first, it may start out with the little things like responding to a group question, or leaving your feedback on a blog post you saw in your Twitter stream. But if you’re genuinely helping people, being friendly and conversing with others, people notice. Then, you’ll be known as the “expert” in the group, the go-to person that everyone waits to hear from. And sometimes, you’ll be exactly the person a potential client is looking for to help them solve a challenge they’re facing.

The reality is that Social Media opens up more opportunities for you than you can imagine. Potential clients can sample your expertise before they even send you an email or pick up the phone to call you. If they like what they see, they will contact you. It’s because they have benefited from your work before even asking for your help.

By being helpful, honest and approachable, you are sending out a positive message to the world that will lead to positive results. No one can deny the positive energy created with these types of actions. Successful people seek other like-minded successful people. They also seek out individuals who are honest, transparent and generous with their knowledge.

If you need help, I am a click away. You have a unique opportunity to showcase your talents and reach potential new clients just by actively maintaining your social networking profiles. Be sure your profiles are filled out, in their entirety, and that you include a head-shot.

I would really  love to hear your success stories of how social media has helped you grow your business. Please leave a comment.

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