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Jul 18

Market Your Book: Use Teleseminars

Free Conference Calling Teleseminars Provide Authors a Virtual Way to Connect With Your Audience

Teleseminars provide you with a platform to easily reach and connect with your audience. To increase sales of your book connecting with your audience is essential. You want your audience to hear the message  of your book and Teleseminars are an easy and effective way to communicate this.

A powerful way to connect with your audience and build a relationship with them is to provide them with ways to hear your voice, your enthusiasm, and your message. This will give them a sense of who you are and provide a way for them to get to know you. Offering teleseminars is an extremely effective way to accomplish this.

A teleseminar is a seminar conducted over a telephone, set up as a conference call. You can be the sole speaker or you can set up your call to allow one or more guest speakers.

Teleseminars are a fantastic way for you to share your expertise with a large group of people at one time.

Teleseminars can be a one-time event or a series of calls. They can be free or you can charge for them. You can allow free attendance to the live event and charge for the replay.

I use Free Conference Calling which is a free system to use and delivers high quality sound using MP3 from which you can Listen, download and podcast easily.

Consider Teaming Up with a Friend or Colleague

Compose a list of questions that your audience would love to know the answers to. Get on the phone with a friend or colleague and have them ask you each of these questions. Record your session and answer these questions in as much detail as possible. This will provide you with a powerful audio interview which can be repurposed into a wide range of content-rich products.

If you need help just Ask Susanne and I will support you as you create a Teleseminar.

Jul 18

Windows Tip: Add a web address bar to the Windows toolbar

Get quick access to the internet even if you don’t have a browser window open.

Just right-click an empty space on the toolbar (it’s the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Windows desktop that contains the Start menu right click select “Toolbars,” then choose “Address” from the menu.

Once you do, an address bar—just like the one on your favorite browser—will appear in the toolbar.

Type a web address (or “URL”) into the bar, press the “Enter” key, and —your default web browser will spring to life, jumping straight to the website you specified.

Not sure you want an address bar taking up space on the toolbar? Right-click an empty spot on the toolbar again, select “Toolbars,” uncheck “Address,”

I find this very quick and full when working in a doc and need to look up some facts…just drop my mouse down to toolbar and type in address rather than having to find my firefox icon click on it to bring up the address bar and then type in the address. Very efficient.

Jul 10

Book Marketing Ideas for Authors